Sunday, December 6, 2009

Indecisive...You can say that again!

I know, I haven't blogged in a while but that's because my computer got a virus recently and I have been without one for a few weeks now. I bought a new computer a few days ago and I LOVE it! I decided to transition into the Mac world and give something new a try. I've always used a PC, but because Apple products are so user friendly and I absolutely love my iPhone, I decided to buy a MacBook Pro. I don't know if it's all the extra estrogen circulating in my body from having a girl or what but I have been really anxious with the pregnancy and I fret over everything! It took my two whole weeks to decide if I wanted a 13" or a 15" MacBook Pro, and I seriously almost had an anxiety attack in the Apple store at Penn Square Mall...over the size of a computer?!?!? This is how indecisive I have been. I bought the 13" and they were holding it for my while we went up to Picture People to get Reid's picture taken. By the time we had taken the pictures I had decided I wanted the 15" and had to exchange the 13" and do an entire new purchase! I feel like I'm losing my mind! I think I've worn everyone out by asking them "13 inch or 15 inch?" Yesterday, my mother said, "Kelli Ann, can we move on now to something else please!" But that's just a lot of money to spend to not be absolutely sure of what you want. My Uncle Tommy is a computer guru and works on computers and told me he would go with the 15 and my little brother is getting a MacBook Pro for college in a few months and told me that even though he will be taking it to class, he'd rather have the bigger screen and is getting a 15. Tricia, the nurse practitioner I work for, told me to definitely go for the 13 because that's what she has but she travels frequently and likes the smaller size for portability purposes. It really surprised me to hear from the employees in the Apple store that most people come in there and know exactly what size they want. How do you know EXACTLY what size you want? For two weeks half of the people I asked were saying 13 and the other half were saying 15.
Anyway, Jeb ultimately made my decision by rationalizing with me saying that we don't travel that often, I'm not hauling the computer to work or school, and that we don't have a desk top computer at home and most of the time we would be using it at home so he would rather have the bigger screen. He said that if I was hauling it somewhere it would only be to mom and dad's or to the lake and that 2 extra inches and 1 pound wasn't that significant. Whew...that's why I married him, someone to help make my decisions easier! So here I am typing on my new, 15" MacBook Pro and I absolutely LOVE it. It's not too heavy to sit on my lap or carry around the house and I'm really glad I decided on the bigger screen. The better resolution with the bigger screen will help with eye strain, and since this is the only computer we have at home I really like it being a slightly bigger screen since in kind of serves a dual purpose as a desk top and a portable laptop. I still have a lot to learn as far a navigating and finding things on a Mac versus a PC, but I love the iPhoto program and so far I haven't had many problems. I still have 2 weeks to return it if I decide it's too big and I want the 13", but so far I think the 15" is working out great!

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