Sunday, January 8, 2012

December 15: Making Spirits BRIGHT!

This night, our family activity was driving around and looking at Christmas lights. Our neighborhood has the best lights that we've found in Shawnee, so we didn't have far to go! We had wanted to go to some other places around OKC to look at lights, but never made time. The kids loved looking at all the houses...Reid's favorite color of lights were blue and LilliAnn said she liked the "geen" ones. They especially liked when there was a Santa or a snowman out in the yard. Reid asked if we could put a big Santa in our yard next year. Jeb put lights up on our house and it looked wonderful! We did red lights with white icicle lights hanging from the red and then lined our driveway and sidewalk with red lights. We had white lights around some of our shrubs and around our mailbox as well. I was really brought of the Rollins' light display! I didn't take any pictures this night, but I have a video on my phone of Reid saying that he wanted Santa to bring him a wakeboard and LilliAnn saying that she wanted a pink baby doll. It was a nice little evening spent with my family.

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